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Creative clock forests, black color. 3M Folia size 25x90

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Adhesive wall clock. Fantastik fit into any decor relaxation zone

Beautify your unique space. Your clock will delight everyone.

With us you will never miss!


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Creative clock, or a picture on the wall?

Gift adhesive clocks are equipped with quality movements for secondary batteries AA 1.5V, which is characterized by a perfect silence. Movements and hands are made of high-grade polished steel that is practically mounted to the wall. Other components in the form of numbers hours that are provided with an adhesive surface sufficient to stick to the wall. Models hours you can stick to the living room, office or kitchen but also in other areas. Dimensions of the label: 400 x 400 mm. Length-wise: up to 150 mm. The clock is unique by design and the subsequent trouble-free removal of wall clocks from the walls.

 Technical information:

* Modern mirror clock that will revitalize your home ....
* Material: 3M VINIL or ACRYLIC
* Color: Colorless, color paint or color fília
* Hours Movement: Quartz
* Specified batteries: AA
* Number of batteries: 1
* Batteries Included: No
* Dimensions: height 40 cm, width: 40 cm
* Thickness: 0.6 to 8 mm
* Finish: Mirror, Acrylic, Foil, color, 3M vinyl
* Color Image can distort reality wall clocks shade
Video wall clock:


Installation wall clock / manual:

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