Зменшена ціна! Náramok na ruku - Lávový kameň - FI 8 mm Збільшити для перегляду

Bracelet - Lava stone - FI 10 mm

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Branded bracelets X-MOMO

If you want to decorate your wrist and at the same time do something for your health, this model is ideal for you. Perfect choice for you are bracelets jewels.


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Lava stone is a powerful protective amulet dedicated to healing and recovery. It helps reflect the physical and psychological attacks and returns them back to the originator. Lava stones can give your body positive energy and negatively from your drain. Lava is molten rock ejected from the crater of the volcano during the eruption.

Therapeutic effects of the locomotor system problems, blood flow problems, depression, counteracts stress.

Location / fit, wherever as needed, but especially on the stomach and spine.

Length: individual, you need to write in order notes into circumference of your hand on the strait.

Bracelets are manufactured to order according to your wishes. Please dear customers to be patient when we delay with production.

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